April 6, 2023

The Dos and Don’ts Of Typography In Design

Typography can make or break your design. It’s like the seasoning of a dish – the right amount can enhance the overall taste and presentation, while too much or too little can leave a bad taste in your mouth. This article will review typography dos and don’ts that will help you create visually appealing and effective designs.

Typography Dos:

Do choose appropriate fonts

When choosing a font, it’s all about matching the style and tone of your design. You wouldn’t use a fancy script font for a corporate brochure, just like you wouldn’t use a boring sans-serif font for a wedding invitation. Be sure to choose a font that supports your message and design style.

Do make your text readable

Remember that your design is communicating a message. So, ensure your font is easy to read and doesn’t strain the eyes. Consider font size, line spacing, and letter spacing to ensure your text is legible and visually pleasing.

Do mix and match fonts

Playing around with different font pairings can add a fun and creative touch to your design. However, do not go overboard with too many fonts or clashing font combinations. Experiment until you find a pairing that works well together and supports your message.

Do use hierarchy to guide the reader

Hierarchy is a fancy word for the way you visually organize your text. You can use different font sizes, weights, and styles to create a sense of importance and guide the reader’s eye through your design. Make sure your important information stands out and grabs attention.

Typography Don’ts:

Don’t go crazy with too many fonts

Just like how too many cooks spoil the broth, too many fonts can spoil your design. Limit yourself to two or max three fonts and ensure they complement each other.

Don’t shout in all caps

All caps can be useful for emphasizing a word or phrase, but using it too much can come across as shouting. Stick to sentence case or title case for body copy and reserve all caps for headings or short phrases.

Don’t use too many font styles

Too many font styles (like bold, italic, and underline) can overwhelm the reader. Keep it simple and stick to one or two styles at most.

Don’t distort your text

Distorting your text by stretching or warping it can be distracting and look unprofessional. Stick to the font’s natural proportions and adjust the size or spacing instead.

Typography is an important element in design that can greatly impact your message. You can create visually appealing and effective designs by choosing appropriate fonts, making your text readable, experimenting with font pairings, and using hierarchy. Remember to avoid using too many fonts, all caps, and font styles and distorting your text. With these typography tips and rules, you can take your typography design game to the next level! Thank you for reading ­čÖé

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