February 27, 2021

8 Proven Ways To Remove Writer’s Block

Are you feeling numb to pen down/type the next word, complete a sentence, or even start your topic?

Well, writer’s block is just like that!

The very best thing about it is that it’s temporary! 

Eventually, you will come out of it and will write something fabulous. 

But the problem is that many times it takes quite a long time to vanish, and the other problem is that it becomes drastically consistent for many writers. And that’s where the necessity to know about a few methods of removing writer’s block arises.

“Assemble writers; it’s time for a war.”

Try Pomodoro Technique

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Developed by Francesco Cirillio, owner of a corporate consulting company, the Pomodoro Technique suggests an individual is highly focused and creative for a span of 25 minutes in one go. This technique is not purposely made for dealing with writer’s block but for productive time management.

  • You need to set the timer for 25 minutes and keep yourself away from any kind of distractions like notifications and mid-work snacking. 
  • Channelize all your focus on your writing for those 25 minutes and just be in the zone. 
  • When the alarm makes a noise, get up, stretch your body, and take a 5-10 minutes break. 
  • Meditation Is a Pure Cure

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The world has bowed down to the power of meditation. People have had life-changing life-changing experiences due to meditation, and it is one of the best solutions for getting rid of writer’s block. 

  • Practising meditation on routine brings you mindfulness that leads to divergent thinking, meaning more and more ideas.
  • It improves your attention and focus power, which won’t let you distract from your project. 
  • It ensures balance in your right and left brain hemispheres resulting in whole-brain synchronization. This opens the door for you to super creativity.

Reading Helps a Lot

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Sometimes, words just don’t come to you, and it does feel a bit strange. At that time, all you need is to glean some inspiration. Reading novels is where it all started for most writers.

  • One way is to have a 10 to 15-minute reading session before you settle down to create magic with words.
  • Another way is to pick up your favourite book or any of your favourite authors and have a reading session whenever you start feeling your block.
  • Also, try to read from different writers worldwide as it helps improve vocab and gives a new dimension to your thinking.

Try Another Genre

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One of the most obvious reasons behind consistent writer’s block is the monotonousness of the work you do. Whether you are a creative writer, technical writer, or blogger, trying a different genre widens your writing approach.

  • Go for a poem if you are a novelist, or try forming a movie story if you are a technical writer.
  • You can take up freelance writing work so that you do have some monetary motivation to try a new genre.
  • Changing your writing style and approach can bring a new dimension to your genre and dodge writer’s block.

Better-Up Your Workspace

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It is scientifically proven that our surroundings impact how we operate and how we think. There is a factual reason why companies are bringing significant changes to their workspaces. Sometimes, little changes help big to remove writer’s block.

Decluttering is highly suggested as it makes you feel free. Take away all the unnecessary items from your work table.

Keep nature around you. Go for the beautiful blooming flowers, or pick a soothing indoor plant. It boosts positivity and enhances creativity.

Be comfortable in every sense. Your sitting, your clothing, the noise around you, and the temperature of the space; everything should be according to your comfort.

Get Your Dopamine Releaser

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Dopamine is a neurotransmitter molecule in your body which is responsible for making you feel pleasure, satisfaction, happiness, and motivation. When you get something that makes you feel good, writer’s block will fade away.

If you like eating, get your favourite dish on the table and munch it without thinking about the block.

If shopping makes you happy, buy something for yourself. It will give you a sense of relief, and your mind will be ready to spit words again.

Movie or music, whatever is your go-to entertainment, go for it. Be back on your project when you have forgotten about writer’s block.

Some Fun Activities

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To get your creative and word-ful juices flowing, you can try to re-energize and revitalize your mind with some fun activities. It helps you to give yourself a built-in writing prompt.

Try other creative art forms like painting, crafts, dancing, sculpting, and rapping. 

Leave your work desk and get your body moving by playing an outdoor sport. It really takes the stress off. 

You can also learn digital skills like SEO, web designing, SEM, or graphic designing. These will also help you advance in your writing career. 

Just Leave It At That Time

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Over-trying can worsen the predicament. It is not always necessary to find the answer to how to get rid of writer’s block at the earliest. Sometimes it doesn’t help to push your mind out of writer’s block.

It is suggested that you put the pen down or shut down your laptop if there’s nothing coming to your mind.

Do not let the situation take over your mind; forget about it and do other things.

It is crucial to mention that don’t refuse to write until you feel like it. Get back to work the very next day and try writing your best.

This write-up can also be your tool to fix your writer’s block as you have had a knowledgeable reading session. 

So, try getting back to the pen and paper; maybe you will end up writing a masterpiece.